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28th October, 2022

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It? A 2022 Guide

1. What is a coding boot camps? First, let’s go into what a coding bootcamp actually is. There are many programs calling themselves a coding bootcamp. They vary widely, as there is no legal definition of the term. There are two-week, vacation-sequel boo camps in the tropics that teach you...

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28th October, 2022

Practices to Maintain a Healthy Cash flow

Best Practices to Maintain a Healthy Cash flow 1. Friendly Front Desk Staff As per Right Medical Billing review, some medical practices underestimate the vital role of the front desk staff over and over again. In general, the front office personnel must be amiable, be able to run on a calendar, call...

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18th October, 2021

Business-IT alignment: Challenges and rewards

Why your IT strategy must align with your business strategy Until recently, informational technology has been seen as a secondary role player on the business scene. Today, IT solutions are more than just supporting tools to automate routine tasks and collect data they influence every step of a company's activities:...

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